·$ 6.00
  • Limited to 500 copies, pressed on opaque yellow vinyl

In the summer of 2018, Barcelona's fledgling rockers, MOURN, and their boisterous punk label-mates, Chastity, toured North America together (MOURN supporting 3rd LP Sorpresa Familia and Chastity supporting debut LP Death Lust). The two bands built a strong musical connection and decided while in Canada to record a version of MOURN's "Sun" that features Brandon Williams (Chastity).

Originally available exclusively in shops for RSD and limited to 500 copies worldwide, the Sun EP is finally available now also available on all digital platforms. The B side tracks include a live cut of MOURN's "Skeleton" and Chastity's cover of “You Are My Sunshine” recorded for Strombo Sessions with a string section.

The acerbic and lively energy of MOURN comes out with “Sun” and “Skeleton” while you get a softer gritty side from Chastity on “You Are My Sunshine.” 

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