Youth Tunes
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"Toronto's Little Girls are proof that the transmissions made in Brooklyn have started making contact outside of the borough. As far as I can tell, if there's a unifying aesthetic to the Captured Tracks family, it's scratchy, hissy, popping and sputtered, but forever underwater. 'Youth Tunes,' with the exception of the signature Strokes-esque guitar bouncing along the surface, is lathered with echo. So much so, the reverb almost pads the vocals inversely, and I was convinced I had the record at the wrong speed. The label's boss-man certainly has some pull in Little Girls' sonic operations, as they successfully balance the brooding anchored bassline with those poppy vittles. It's the vocals here that maintain the record's wavy, nervous disposition. Though submerged, you tend to side with the sharper dream-like melodies that shine through. I'm imaging the days when Clinic were actually breathtaking and Joy Division begat New Order in shadow and fog. I intend on paying attention here, as this is the best of the latest crop."

- The Agit Reader

Side A // Youth Tunes

Side B // Venom

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