$ 10.00 Album
$ 10.00 Album
$ 10.00 Album
$ 14.00 Album
Co/Coaches - Thought of yr Gaze (Calling Me)
Cringe Machine - All the Same
Ramzi - Free Houti
Divine Interface - A House Divided
B L A C K I E - Hot Livin'N Tha South
Love Letters - Nag
TWINS - No Effort No Reward
REKchampa - Rood Style Taped Out
ThinkThrice - Around Earth
WGM - Turn
Love Letters - Nag (TWINS's "Can We" Mix)
  • Featuring Stefan Ringer (REKchampa), Cities Aviv (WGM), TWINS
  • First time all of these tracks (or any Harsh Riddims for that matter) will be available on vinyl - previously they could only be found on cassette or download.
  • Unreleased tracks from Cringe Machine as well as a TWINS remix of Love Letters' contribution Nag.
  • An interview of Harsh Riddims' Ryan Parks by 2MR's Mike Simonetti (and vice versa) make up the liner notes
  • The labels will be throwing parties in NYC and Atlanta to celebrate the release. NYC: https://www.facebook.com/events/317177128639778/
    ATL: https://www.facebook.com/events/332792207058098/

From Harsh Riddims:

"Harsh Riddims started a few years back. Our first release was a compilation tape featuring some of my best friends. Stefan Ringer (REKchampa), Drew Briggs (Divine Interface), and Matt Weiner (TWINS) live here in Atlanta. They are among the most talented and encouraging individuals I know. B L A C K I E is good friends with Negashi Armada (Bluntfang). Negashi suggested asking him for a track, and he turned in "It's hot livin n' tha south". That's one of my favourite tracks off of the first compilation.

About a year ago, we released the second comp. This record is a mix of the two, featuring a few unreleased tracks. I met RAMZI while on tour in Montreal. Love Letters is my friend Maxime Robillard, who lives in New York City. Think Thrice is a kid in Atlanta that ordered one of Stefan's tapes. We later met at a house party: I'm pretty psyched he's got a track on here! WGM is Gavin Mays out of Memphis. He also produces as Cities Aviv. Cringe Machine is my good friend Justin Bauman. He passed away not too long ago, so I feel really fortunate to be able to share one of his songs. He was a big influence on me, and was overall a really sweet and giving person. Much love towards his family! Lastly, Co/Coaches is one half of Coco and Clair, Taylor Nave. She's such a talented song writer, buck performer; she's one my favorites. Hope you dig!"