'Hot Love' b/w 'Die Wuste Lebt!'
·$ 7.00

Switzerland's premiere punk band only released this much acclaimed 7" and that's a shame! Some of the wildest and fastest punk around in 1977! A unique and uncompromising sound that was ahead of its time--completely according to their slogan: 'Schneller, Harter, Langer' (Faster, Harder, Longer). 'Hot Love' is a monster of a Swiss punk anthem while 'Die Wuste Lebt' is a great song about being alive in the Swiss urban desert. In a TV interview from 1977, the band was asked why they didn't dress punky. 'We're against cliches,' the singer responded. 'Our main inspiration is U.S. punk, not U.K. punk.' Guess one can hear that. But still, the bands big break was opening up for Clash when they played in Zurich in 1977. Shortly after, the band tried to make it big and changed their name to EXPO. They released an LP on a big label which is okay but nowhere near the glory of this single. Former members went on to form a number of bands including Aboriginal Voices, Rudolph Dietrich, Kraft Durch Freude, Blue China, the Bucks, several of which were highly influential bands.

Release Country: Switzerland
Release Year: 1978 / Reissue Date: 03.12 (Sing Sing Records)
Original Label: Periphery Perfume.