'I'm Down' b/w 'Wanna Be Your Friend'
·$ 7.00
Consisting of Bengt Johansson (b), Lars-Garan Back (d), Hakan Schaler (v) and Per-Erik Johansson (gtr), Rottweiler originally started in the town of Nassjo 1979 but moved on to Lund and Malmo in the very south of Sweden in 1980. The band's first and only recording was released just before the move and issued in an edition of 500 copies. The B-side appeared on Powerpearls Vol. 7 but until now 'I'm Down' existed solely on the original pressing. 1981 the band decided to change names, add another band member and started to sing with Swedish lyrics; at the same time -- Perfekt Alibi was born.

Release Country: Sweden
Release Year: 1980 / Reissue Date: 04.02.2012 (Sing Sing Records)
Original Label: Rottweiler.