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Active in the mid-80s, UK band Razorcuts married the DIY ethos of punk with those jangly guitars of sunny 60's pop, making music on par with the best of 'em: Primal Scream, Shop Assistants, McCarthy, the Wedding know where we're going. This cassette reissue includes their debut album on Creation from 1988 PLUS their 6-song EP on Subway, so pick this up and hear what you've been missing.


01. Storyteller

02. Try

03. A Contract With God

04. Sky High

05. Everyday Eyes

06. Jade

07. Silhouette

08. Brighter Now

09. I'll Still Be There

10. The Last Picture Show

11. Summer In Your Heart [Bonus Track]

12. Mary Day [Bonus Track]

13. Snowbirds Don't Fly [Bonus Track]

14. Sorry to Embarrass You [Bonus Track]

15. Big Pink Cake [Bonus Track]

16. I'll Still Be There [Single Version]

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