$ 8.99 Album
$ 8.99 Album
$ 8.99 Album
$ 8.00 Album
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Kill For Love
Dream Baby
Candy Darling
Never Again
  • Includes Booklet of Tristan Ellis Artwork
  • One-Sided LP with Lazer Etching on the B-Side

True to the spirit of punk, LA trio Girl Tears breathe life back into the genre of the one-minute song. Armed with a voice after David Johansen's own heart, Kam Andresen's vocals harmonize seamlessly with razor-sharp guitar riffs on signature blink-and-you'll-miss-it length tracks. Formed in 2013, Kam Andresen, Tristan Ellis and Sal Gabriel started writing under the moniker Girl Tears. Clearly influenced by the punk movement of the late 70s and 80s, Girl Tears reject the dream-pop/modern iterations of influential punk bands, sticking wholly to the original sound of the time. Their sound is frenzied and gritty, verging just on the cusp of catchiness. "Kill For Love" is a stand out, and solid in its construction. Guttural and uncomplicated, you have to pay close attention to realize it's actually a love song. Well executed and compact, the boys of Girl Tears are quickly establishing themselves as masters of their genre.

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