'Va Va Va Voom' b/w 'Space Ace'
·$ 7.00
For every David Bowie, Brian Ferry or Marc Bolan, there were scores of glam divas-in-waiting like Jobriath and Brett Smiley. At least Jobriath, the world's first openly-gay rock star, got a chance to release two monstrously campy and epic LPs before public backlash silenced him forever. The winsome and sinewy Brett Smiley did not fare as well, recording Breathlessly Brett during a flurry of interest by the international music press, only to have the album cruelly pushed aside by an uncaring record industry and shelved permanently. Smiley was the willowy, blonde personification of glam, discovered and promoted like a classic Hollywood ing’©nue by Rolling Stones producer Andrew Loog Oldham. Oldham's vision for Smiley was to elevate the young man to the rarefied status of untouchable superstar before his first single was out. This single, originally released in 1974 on the UK Anchor label stands as one of the best glam rock 45's of the era, reissued for the first time in it's original, very hard to find picture sleeve.

Release Country: UK
Release Year: 1974 / Reissue Date: 11.13 (Sing Sing Records)
Original Label: Anchor Records